Healthy Eating With Your Little Fusspot!

(Title Image: Abbie 3yrs old in shopping trolley + an example of her healthy lunches) Almost every parent ends up with one child that always was or becomes a fussy eater at some point. Usually somewhere around 2-3 years old (the dreaded terrible-twos phase!) Many a parenting article will have you believe it’s caused by some buried emotional trauma/bad habit accidently created during the weaning onto solids stage. Coincidentally it’s usually an article that offers a miracle cure for the fusspots in your life, such as to reel you into buying an extortionately priced section plate that make meal times … Continue reading Healthy Eating With Your Little Fusspot!

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A Guide to | Nesting with a Disability

(Title Image featuring a trip-free safety gate) Pretty much everybody knows about the ‘nesting’ phase when you’re awaiting the arrival of a little one. Whether that phase be from the wordΒ “Congratulations!” or a few days before the big day, nobody escapes that need to make sure everything is ready! The same goes for parents with the added challenge of a disability and/ chronic illness. It may shock a lot of people who aren’t part of this minority community, but there are next to NO products out on the market that were specifically designed for parenting with any form of impairment. … Continue reading A Guide to | Nesting with a Disability